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Franconia is like a little magic cabinet: opening new drawers,
      you always will discover hundreds of fantastic historical jewels.
On initiative of the centre of Bavarian History and the Bavarian Department of State for Economics, Infrastructure, Traffic and Technology 40 Franconian cities and municipalities joined together to form the so-called "KulTour-Pfad – Franken im Mittelalter". Each city and every municipality is offering detailed information about its history and a special medieval subject. "Edel und frei – Franken im Mittelalter” ("Noble and Free – Franconia in the Middle Ages”) was the title of the Bavarian national exhibition, which was presented by the Centre of Bavarian History in Forchheim from May until October 2004. In addition to this very successful exhibition the "KulTour-Pfad” project is still to be continued. The project is supported by the Franconian tourist association.